Game Designer Salary and Benefits

A game designer can earn anywhere from $43,000 to $70,000 annually, depending upon experience. Some other factors come into play as well such as the size of the company a designer is working for and the location where the work is being carried out. Earnings in New York or California for example are generally higher then earnings in the Midwest.

Considering the widespread popularity and explosive growth in the video games industry, you can expect the game designer salary to rise in the future. And, like with most occupations, the longer you work as a game designer, the more money you can expect to earn. Game designers are in demand all around the world and the future job growth is very promising.

game designer salary

Earnings Based on Location

Game designers working in large metropolitan areas earn more money than those working in less populated areas. One reason for this is the fact that large companies are often located in major cities and these firms are willing to pay more to attract talent. Location is an ever-present influence on salaries in every profession and it is certainly no different for game designers.


A game designer working for a large company can expect to be offered a nice 401K plan. Paid vacations and sick leave are also typically offered. With a few years’ worth of experience under your belt, you can expect regular pay hikes as the salary of a game designer rises with experience.

Getting paid for doing what you love is a clear benefit of being a game designer. You obviously would not become a game designer if you were not passionate about playing games in the first place. Many game designers are self-employed so if you are interested in setting your own hours, being able to freelance is a clear benefit.

Knowing that your job is secure is another advantage to being a game designer. Due to the incredible and growing popularity of video games, a career in game design is very secure.

Where Game Designers Work

Game designers can choose to work at any one of many design companies. There are many start-ups that need designers as well as many software design firms, large gaming companies and media firms. Game designers also can work as teachers in design schools they attended. The most typical places to work for are those firms that solely produce console and computer-based video games.

Game Designer Job Description

A game designer is a professional who ensures all of a video game’s features work as they should. Game designers usually work with other members of a game development team such as a programmers, artists, producers and testers. The game designer must create the basic rules of a game and also must see to it that the rules make sense and that the game is fun to play. It is the responsibility of a game designer to create design documents which include descriptions of games. He/she also must design the blueprints used by sound designers, programmers and graphic artists so that they can create the game software. Game designers typically write creative story lines, scripts, dialogues, and help to plan marketing strategies. In short, a game designer manages all phases of a game from its creation to completion.