Becoming a Video Game Designer

If you love playing console and computer-based games you might want to consider becoming a video game designer. Video games are big business today. We are talking about a multi-billion dollar industry that has literally exploded during the past decade or so. Video games are not just for kids anymore as the most popular games on the market today are clearly targeting adult players.

becoming a video game designer

If you are serious about becoming a video game designer, you should possess some outstanding problem solving skills. Developing video games involves working out lots and lots of bugs so you will need to have patience and the ability to get to the root of problems quickly and efficiently. A genuine love for games is one of the most important qualities a video game designer must have as this passion will help drive you to excel in producing games that people will love playing. It does not hurt to be a perfectionist either as a great game has to run smoothly and well, perfectly!

However, becoming a video game designer requires more than simply having a love for games, patience and perfectionism. You cannot simply walk into a game development company and tell them that you have what it takes to be a video game designer as they will quickly show you the door out. You also must have knowledge about such things as graphic design, computer animation and game development. You will need to be formally educated in these areas so that you can become a certified game designer.

Becoming a game designer is best done through earning a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. Most colleges and universities offer bachelor degree programs in graphic design. These days you do not even have to set foot on a campus in order to earn your diploma as many colleges offer online degree programs in graphic design. This means that you could, if you are highly driven, continue to work in your current career while you are studying to become a game designer in your spare time – right from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Many four year college degree programs in graphic design offer a practicum component which would allow you to get some hands-on experience. You will become a much more attractive job candidate once you enter the job market with this on-the-job training so be sure to choose a bachelor’s degree program in graphic design that offers you this great opportunity. You also will be required to create your own video game as a part of your coursework so put extra effort into your game as it too can help you land a job after graduation. Remember that video game development companies are looking for game designers who prove themselves to be on the cutting-edge. If your game is amazing you stand a great chance of being hired by a leading company.