Best Colleges for Becoming a Video Game Designer

Are you a person who dreams of inventing the next big video game? If so, you will want to earn a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. While most colleges and universities offer graphic design degree programs, some stand out from the crowd. A few of the best undergraduate colleges that were recently chosen by Princeton Review’s GamePro magazine include the University of Southern California, University of Utah, Michigan State University, Drexel University, Becker College, Champlain College and the Rochester Institute of Technology.

best college for video game design

The above schools made the list because they all offer video game design courses and in a few cases, degrees. They also offer top-rated degree programs in graphic design. If you were to enroll in one of these institutions, you would be taught the technical skills necessary to be able to design games. You also will gain a good understanding of what working in the industry is actually like. You also will pick up strong communication skills and learn how to work as a part of a development team.

Video game design programs have sprung up at a number of other colleges and universities across North America as well. Choosing which school is right for you will depend upon several factors including cost and location. If you cannot afford to attend one of the above mentioned colleges or universities you might want to consider looking into earning a degree from a technical school. And, if you cannot afford to live on-campus halfway across the country, you will obviously want to find a local college or university that offers game design courses and degree programs in graphic design.

You must consider the fact that the top schools offering degree programs in graphic design have strict applicant screening processes in place. These schools pride themselves in producing top quality graduates that land great jobs. If you happen to be fresh out of high school and do not have a good GPA, you might very well be turned away from a top university. So choosing the ‘best’ school to enroll in depends upon many factors. If money is a problem, apply for federal aid as you can most likely get a student loan that you will be responsible to pay back after you graduate.

Video game designers must possess a variety of skills and innate abilities. The skills largely involve training in graphic design, computer graphics, animation and software. A successful video game designer has to have a great imagination as he/she must come up with virtual games in his or her mind before being able to create them in the virtual world. If you feel that you have what it takes then by all means apply for one of the above mentioned schools or choose another apply at another highly rated school of your choice.